What exactly does Tier 1 MX do?

We provide day-to-day operational managed IT services. We package our services into one low-cost flat-rate plan to provide high quality IT services at an excellent price. Imagine having an IT department at your fingertips, but without the burdensome cost of added personnel. Imagine not having to wait hours or days for services. With us, our plans guarantee IT services when we need them. We keep the cost low by leveraging a high-powered automation system that proactively defends, maintains, and monitors your system.


What market sector is Tier 1 MX engaged in assisting?

We provide IT services to all industry verticals. No matter what business you are involved in, you probably consume IT services. There is no one-size-fits-all solution; and for this reason, we need to understand your company needs to tailor our services and meet your budget.


What size customer is best suited to Tier 1 MX services?

We work with small businesses, and Fortune 5000 companies. No matter the size, we can scale our services to the size of the business. Our network operations center is operating 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We don’t take time off, because your business doesn’t sleep.


What makes Tier 1 MX different from other managed IT providers?

Our commitment to continual improvement and efficiency make us stand above the rest. Our business is disruptive because all of our peers provide services with a focus on making money. We believe that if we provide the highest quality IT services at the best price, we will keep our customers for life. So far, that belief has served us well. We are on the cutting edge of IT. To us, this means we are always incorporating a philosophy of continual improvement into our service architecture.


Does Tier 1 MX partner with vendors in related fields?

We do. We can manage your existing vendor relations. We can also advocate for better services, contracts, and pricing on your behalf. We have industry connections that can help the organization run as lean as possible without sacrificing quality; and in most cases, improve quality.


What does Tier 1 MX charge?

This varies. Depending on your needs and/or budget, we have customized flat-rate plans that can give you a bucket of ours, unlimited IT services, or something in between. You make the call, we keep it flexible.


How can Tier 1 MX make my business more efficient and more profitable?

By helping your company work faster, and better through the proper use of technology and IT management. Everything starts with our high-powered management software. From there, we can limit the amount of downtime and the need to spend money on hourly labor or service calls. If we do need to come out, we take those hours from a bucket of hours you prepay, or an unlimited pricing plan.


How can Tier 1 MX make my business more secure?

If your organization doesn’t have some form of managed IT services, you may not be accustomed to 24/7 security, monitoring, and protection. Our service can help our clients sleep better at night. When Tier 1 MX is your provider, you can rest in the knowledge you are in good hands. We are constantly scanning the threat horizon. When they attack, we mitigate. We do our due diligence. We keep systems humming and clean. We help you work better, faster, and more worry-free.


Is there a geographical location best suited to Tier 1 MX services?

We operate in Southern California. From Downtown LA to Sand Diego, to Mexico. We also serve satellite offices remotely. If there is an internet connection, we can serve. We have onsite personnel throughout Southern California, however.