Cyber Law

We provide cyber law services as they apply to the country of Mexico.

International, Federal, and State laws are increasingly requiring compliance with data security requirements and, in some cases, directly opening the door to claims from plaintiffs who, due to the availability of statutory damages under these regimes, will not need to overcome historical hurdles proving actual damages. When defending against claims in litigation related to a data-security incident, diligence in the protection of information prior to the attack, an appropriate response to the attack, and timely notification to affected individuals (if necessary) needs to be demonstrated. One also needs to be aware of legal privileges which may attach to an investigation of a data security incident and that proper steps are taken to ensure such privilege attaches immediately through the engagement of legal counsel.

International businesses who fall under compliance regulation run the risk of losing key business partners due to failure to comply; not to mention possible litigation for non-compliance.

Tier1MX provides legal advice to various industries in complex technological matters. We draft and revise contractual clauses and corporate agreements, establish privacy notices, and implement privacy policies for companies that have complex data processing strategies.

We have extensive experience working with the Mexican legal framework in both a national and international context; as well as international standards on practices related to the field of Privacy, Data Protection and Information Technology.

We have a team of lawyers who understand the importance of adapting to new technologies as they arise; to design specific strategies that fit the current situation of our clients, adding value to their businesses, reducing unnecessary risks, protecting their most valuable assets, and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

Our Litigation practice has handled cases related to proceedings promoted by the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Data Protection (INAI) that have established current legal precedents. We have also presented innovative strategies for contentious-administrative proceedings before the Federal Court of Administrative Justice and the Federal Judiciary.
One of the strengths of our Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity practice is the planning and execution of customized projects; starting with a broad vision that allows us to work together with the key actors within the organization; so as not to affect internal activities and processes; always keeping in mind all legal obligations, criteria and recommendations of the Data Protection Authority.


  • Implementation of Cybersecurity Protocols
  • Verification of Cybersecurity Protocols
  • Audits and Compliance of protocols in accordance to the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals
  • Documentation of technical, physical, and administrative security measures
  • Implementation and verification of privacy and security standards
  • Protection of Personal Data

Advise and represent our clients in any type of judicial procedure related digital law:

  • Resolution of conflicts for the recovery of domains before the courts of justice
  • Legal defense against hacking practices
  • Legal protection of web pages
  • Protection of software and electronic databases, deposit of source codes, maintenance contracts and hot-lines
  • Drafting of e-business, outsourcing, distribution, supply, sale, renting and leasing of hardware contracts
  • Drafting of technical consulting, development and integration, implementation, migration and installation of information technology systems contracts