Prevention and Sec-Ops

Your Partner for Cybersecurity and Cyber law

The work Tier 1 MX does within the scope of cybersecurity falls into proactive and reactive.


  • Internal vulnerability scanning and mitigation
  • External penetration testing and mitigation
  • Technology controls best practices
  • Security process controls workflow creation, DRP/BCP/IRP
  • Human resources contract and policy controls review
  • Cybersecurity insurance audit reviewUser training, phishing simulation, social engineering


  • Ransomware
  • Data exfiltration
  • Breach response
  • Forensic IT cases
  • IT disaster mitigation

The best defense for proactively defending against ransomware, or any other cyber threat, is providing proper training to employees and oversight to ensure compliance with policies and procedures which provide administrative safeguards.

The average business stands to lose $1 million USD or more from a successful attack; anything you spend to prevent a loss of that magnitude could save your company from disaster and unnecessary expense in the future. The average company will take between 7 and 180 days recovering from a ransomware attack. Many companies will fail. Don’t put yourself in that position.

To mitigate the risks to intellectual property, companies should consider enacting policies that monitor and audit access to sensitive information in order to identify a potential cyber-attack. Constant vigilance as to who has access to secure information and how this information is secured remains an integral mitigation strategy.

The need to stay “in the know” is imperative. There are several practices based on individualized company evaluations that can help predict potential threats. Gap Analyses, Risk Assessments, Vulnerability Scans, Penetration Testing, Disaster Response and Business Continuity Plans, Policy and Procedure Reviews, and Tabletop Exercises are imperative to determining the likelihood of a cybersecurity attack and closing holes in the attack surface. Companies should go to their counsel, managed services providers, and cybersecurity IT firms for more direction on this sort of work. For companies without access to these resources, Tier1 Mx has all of these components under a single roof.

We Deliver Real Solutions

The competency required to perform attack analysis and mitigation is very specific. It requires a deep and broad understanding of a wide range of domains. Not a job for your IT department, and a job best left to the professionals. An untrained auditor can miss important details; and even do further damage to your organization. In order to triage a disaster of this scope, you need a team of professionals who can enter the crime scene, clean up quickly, restore systems and data, shut out (and possibly identify) the attacker, and prevent further attacks.

Our preventative measures and assessments are based on real-world experience and geared towards providing meaningful results. In our world, no news is good news. A meaningful preventative result is no attacks.